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The following is a list of our current members as of December 2023

Co-Chairs are Margie Helstrom and Anita Gille
Secretary is Josey Nielsen, Treasurer is Tom Hoff

Karen_Anderson,   Sarah_Archbold,   Mary_Azmitia,   Edna_Blanchard,   Kay_Bloom,   Susan_Bolos,   Mary_Boman*,   Terri_Breitzmann,    Julia_Byrnes,   Elsie_Cook*,   Anita_Curtis,   Chris_Dillon,   Mary_Beth_Downs,   Karl_Everett,   Betty_Fleissner,   Rheanna_Ford,   Tammy_Fulghum,   Linda_Gerga,   Anita_Gille,   Rosemary_Guttormsson,   Margie_Helstrom,   Tom_Hoff,   Nikki_Johnson,   Lyn_Jutila,   Judy_King,   Donna_LaBeau,   Timothy_Larson,  Marta_Lukasewycz*,   Louise_Laakso_Lundin*Sandy_Maxwell,    Edie_Michalski,   Marlene_Miller,   Kristin_Noelle  Nelson,   Josey_NielsenPatricia_OlsonSue_Pavlatos*,    Mary_Sobolik Petersen,   Sue_Rauschenfels,   Erin_Renier,   Lin_Rose,   Sandy_Schildt,   Edna_Stromquist,   Marj_Stalker,   Kris_Trembley,   Arlee_Wilkes,   Bill_Wise,    Lance_Wurst 
* Designates our Life Members

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