Kay Bloom

I have an Art Education Major from the University of St. Catherines, St. Paul. Mn.
At Campbell Mithun Advertising, Minneapolis, Mn.  I was in the Media Department for a number of years,
working on placing broadcast for many major Minnesota Companies.
I have been a Docent for the Childrens Art Museum in Waterloo, Iowa and
a Docent for the Tweed Art Museum in Duluth, Mn.
Out of collage I drove a refurbished WWII Ambulance made into an art mobile and
taught children in South St. Paul, at the local parks.
Workshops and time spent with other Artists:
Virginia Adams, Zotan Szabo, Louise Lundin, Cheng Khee Chee, Skip Lawrence, 
Christopher Schink, Andy Evanson.
I also have become a Hospital Chaplain and took advanced post graduate
Finance Classes at UNI in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
I have painted since age 4.  Taking the white shelf paper off my mothers Kitchen
cupboards and painting with anything I could get my hands on.
I am a member of:   Lake Superior Watercolor Society,  Artists of Minnesota and the Minnesota Watercolor Society

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