Susan Bolos

I began painting in watercolor at the end of 1992, after my brother’s passing.  I had a need to capture the changes and wonders around me – as though seeing them for the first time.  I was encouraged by my husband Frank, who supplied me with paint, paper, and brushes.  He said, “Here paint.”  I laughed, and here I am today painting.  I have a way to express myself a way to show how I look at and feel about life.  I am a self – taught painter who, at the encouragement of my friend, Betty Brown, began teaching beginning and intermediate watercolor classes. I teach the things I didn’t know when I started painting.  Over the years I have become a very versatile painter, painting nature as I see it.  I paint water and sky; perhaps because I am a Pisces.  I paint abstracts as my mind see them.  Getting deep into right brain produces the unexpected and creative things.  In all, painting has brought a new dimension to my life; an excitement, a pleasure, and joy in seeing what I have created and the pleasure it gives to others.

I have work in private collections around the country, and at Blue Cross in the Twin Cities, Essentia Health in Duluth and Hermantown

Since the pandemic I have been giving private lessons.