Marlene A. Miller

Most of my inspiration comes from spending time in nature, viewing wildlife, traveling, and appreciating earth’s incredible beauty. I believe the experience of creating artwork is the purest expression of my spirit and a great source of joy.  

My sister introduced to watercolor painting at an early age, when she borrowed a paint kit from school to share with me. From that first moment when I witnessed the paint and water intermingle, I was fascinated! It developed into an interest in watercolor that grew into a passion that has sustained me over the past 30 years. Now, happily retired, I am able pursue my dream of doing more painting.  

I enjoy trying different styles/techniques of painting and also dabble in acrylics and oils; but my primary focus is watercolor, most often in a more representational style. I have had the good fortune of instruction from many talented local instructors. I am honored to be part of Lake Superior Watercolor Society, and enjoy the camaraderie and collaboration with so many wonderful, talented artists.

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