Linda R. Gerga

Linda R. Gerga

Linda R. Gerga

I am an artist who photographs subjects that catch my eye. Visual appreciation of what I see triggers me to pull out paper and create.

Living in Duluth offers many sites to travel for inspiration. My painting style has grown to include realistic, abstract and mixed media.

Paints I work with are watercolors, acrylic, and inks. I am comfortable working with each medium. Many times I combine the mediums for unexpected effects.

I work primarily on watercolor paper and yupo. Yupo is a synthetic paper where the paint does not absorb into the paper, it floats on top. All the paints I work with can be used on each type of paper. Both create unexpected movements, leaving a totally unique look to the painting.

I have painted for 20 years and continue attending workshops, conferences and monthly small group meetings.

I am a member of the Lake Superior Watercolor Society and Artists of Minnesota.


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