Donna LaBeau

I love to paint.  I have been a practicing artists well over 35 years, but became more serious with it in the mid 90s. I used to paint mostly in oil and some pastel and once in awhile in watercolor, which I have always loved.  For the last 5 years now I decided to paint mostly in watercolor because I love the challenge and surprises it presents while painting.  I still do some “en plein aire” painting, a french term meaning outdoor painting,  but mostly paint from my home studio.  It can be very hard lugging lots of supplies out door to paint and demanding on the body, thus bringing some watercolor supplies is much easier.  I do show some work at TWO LOONS on Superior street  in Duluth and MACROSTIE ART CENTER in Grand Rapids MN but most of my work can be viewed in my home studio in Moose Lake MN.   I still teach at times but have scaled that way back. 

All of these paintings are for sale. Please contact me for prices and any questions.
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