Apply to LSWS

LSWS Membership Application

Due March 31, 2024

(All steps must be completed to be considered for membership)

Step 1: The application deadline is March 31: Please email the application information to  You place application information in the body of your email, or attach a pdf or MSWord file with the information. If you have questions before or while you are completing the application, we will be happy to help. The membership committee includes Sarah A, Anita G and Marj S and can be reached at the email mentioned above.

Application Information Required

Your Name, Phone, Email and Mailing Address and three or four short paragraphs about your personal
art journey, influences, mentors as well what you hope to learn or achieve as a member of LSWS. What skills might you contribute to LSWS? If you have shown your art, or have taught art-related courses, please provide a bit of information about them as well as any web links that you would like to share. We want to get to know you!

Upon receipt of your application information you will be contacted by the LSWS Membership Committee to answer questions about Step 2 below and discuss the assignment of a Member Sponsor. The Member Sponsor will help to coordinate delivery of your art and speak on your behalf when your art is reviewed by members on April 18 (see Step 2). If an LSWS member has recommended you, they will be asked to be your Member Sponsor. Otherwise, an LSWS member will be assigned.

Step 2   Please provide three of your original art pieces that have been created within the last three years and that demonstrate your watercolor and/or watercolor and mixed media ability. A variety of sizes is helpful. It is your choice, (not a requirement) to matte and frame artwork. Provide a short description of each work along with your contact information taped to the back of each piece. Please make arrangements with your Member Sponsor to have your original artwork delivered by 5:00 pm to the LSWS member meeting on April 18, 2024 held at the Vineyard Church, 1533 W. Arrowhead Rd, Duluth. We would like your original art (no reproductions please) to arrive by 5:00 pm that night. Your Member Sponsor will be responsible for presenting your art to LSWS members for review and secret vote by members who are present. Please be sure to include your name, email, and phone number and the description of your art piece on the back of each piece.

Step3: Current members will convene at 5:30 on April 18 at the Vineyard Church to review your art and cast a secret vote about your membership to LSWS. You will be notified by email the following day as to whether your membership application has been accepted.

Thank you for applying to become a member of LSWS!