Susan R. Bolos


Susan R. Bolos

I am a self taught watercolor artist.  I began painting at the end of 1992, when I had a need to capture the changes and wonders around me - as thouth seeing them for the first time.  Here I am today, painting.  I now have this wonderful outlet - a way to express myself; a way to show how I look at and feel about life.  I paint nature as I see it.  I like water and sky, perhaps because I am a Pisces.  I paint abstracts as my mind sees them.  Getting deep into the right brain produces the unexpected and creative things.  In all, painting has brought a new dimension to my life, an excitement, a pleasure, a joy in seeing what I have created and the pleasure it gives to others.

I began Just for the Season Gallery  with Rosemary Guttormsson as a seasonal operation in 2002 opening each October thru January for 3 years.

In 2006 the gallery became a full time operation and continued for 10 years closing at the end of January 2016.  

My work is only available through me at this time. you can reach me at 218-724-1023.

Things are changing so keep an eye out for what may come next.