Rosemary Guttormsson

Rosemary started painting with watercolors in 1989 and enjoys painting at locations along Lake Superior, in Duluth, and wherever else in the world she might be lucky enough to visit. She is a member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society, Arrowhead Art Club, Artists of Minnesota and Lake Superior Watercolor Society. She illustrated a children’s book written by Mike Turner, That Cat Is Really Something! In 2002 Rosemary and a fellow watercolor painter, Susan Bolos, started a seasonal art gallery called “Just for the Season”. In 2006, the “Just for the Season Gallery” became a full time gallery -- “any season, any reason”. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday and is located in the Holiday Center in downtown Duluth. Rosemary has retired from the gallery but her paintings are still on view there. Rosemary is currently part of Lake Superior Artrepeneurs which organizes an August art fair at Brighton Beach, Duluth, MN